about us

ICCT is a non-governmental, non-for-profit organization founded by the group of experts working in the various spheres.

ICCT activities in chief are focused upon:

  • Raising welfare of rural population through capacity building and involvement in sustainable tourism in Georgia and EU countries.
  • Creating job opportunities for educated people able to benefit their knowledge and experience to tourism development in Georgia and EU countries
  • Capacity building on the basis of the elaborated by ICCT “ International Standards of Hospitality in Rural Areas” and “Seven Mechanisms for Eliminating Poverty through Tourism” especially in remote mountain areas of Georgia and EU countries.
  • Undertaking the intercultural relations as an innovative approach for promoting cooperation between rural population/farmers/ of Georgia and EU countries
  • Researching situation of sustainable tourism development as the positive and negative impacts on ecology preservation / environment protection in Georgia and EU countries
  • Promoting vocational and adults education, devoted to tourism, to address youth employment common challenges in Georgia and EU countries.

We always launch with preliminary study as the background for the Action Plan /Conception draft .