ICCT started its activities from Village-Resort Utsera, Upper Racha, West Georgia. This place is well known fro Soviet period as SPA and mineral springs resort . Why did we choose Utsera? Once visit this charming place and you will have comprehensive answers. But our objectives were not linked only with promotion of this place as a resort. Local population had to face many social -economic problems from the end of the 20th century. We had taken a decision to involve Utsera people into Sustainable Rural Tourism. More than 5 years we did utmost to familiarize them with the International standards of hospitality in rural ares together with help to adapt their houses to the conditions met by foreign tourists. Currently 10 family inns are functioning . Unfortunately, the resort zone privatized in 2007 , is still untouched.


 Utsera for All

 RTRC Utsera